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- Chidori Massage is a Seattle based medical massage practice owned by Charli Hamilton -

I provide a caring, hands-on approach to healing bodies that are in pain. Through a series of personalized assessments, restorative massage techniques and preventative education, I work to alleviate current ailments while helping you learn how to better care for your body moving forward.

While we sometimes suffer acute injuries, like a car accident or ACL tear, many of the aches and pains we experience daily are the accumulation of years of small hurts and misalignments. By focusing upon the root causes of your discomfort, I can quickly and effectively reduce the pain you’re experiencing and help you return to full activity.

While my massage work focuses primarily on restaurant employees and athletic enthusiasts, I enjoy helping anyone who is in pain reduce their suffering, increase movement and mobility, and return to the joy of having a healthy body.

Charli Hamilton LMT

locationS & HOURS

5340 Ballard Ave NW • Seattle, WA 98107

Monday & Friday 10am - 8pm

5005 Phinney Ave N • Seattle, WA 98103

Saturday & Sunday 4pm - 8pm

☎  (206) 800-1030