Wellness & Relaxation massage


My relaxation and wellness massage is a slow, deeply rejuvenating fascial unwinding. The goal isn’t to push through resistance or mash down on muscles that are already taking a beating in your daily life. We’ll go slowly, find sites of restriction, and let your body gently ease into a relaxed state of being.

The focus here is on reducing stress and anxiety while restoring a sense of peace and calm across the body as a whole. We’ll focus on whatever’s bothering you that day, whether it’s a sore lower back, tight hamstrings, or a neck that feels like it’s been cast in cement.

I’ve noticed that many people equate a successful massage with suffering pain, as if a massage is only good if it hurts (and the more it hurts the better the massage). I don’t believe this to be the case, and some of the best work I’ve received hasn’t once caused me to wince.


The focus of my Relaxation Massage is on helping you to let go of those places where you unconsciously hold onto stress. That doesn’t mean we won’t work out some deep knots and tight spaces along the way, but again—the focus here is on helping you find a place of total relaxation, free from the demands and anxieties of your life. When we’re done you’ll come out of the session feeling soothed and at ease, ready to move through your day with more peace and clarity. 

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