athletic performance & injury massage

Athletic massage involves a deeply focused, site-specific series of treatments to heal injured muscles and maintain flexibility, whatever your sport. The process involves an assessment of your athletic routines and any related pains or stresses, followed by forming a treatment plan to address your specific needs. I also have relationships with trainers in the Seattle and Bothell areas that can help you to the next steps in your health and performance goals. Whether you prefer hitting the trails with a one-on-one coach, or mixing it up with fitness classes, let me know what you’re looking for and we can find you the right fit.

— Athletic Massage is not designed as a spa or relaxation session. —

Your active feedback and participation are essential as we work towards optimal alignment and range of motion for your body.


Get the most out of your more intensive training bouts. During this time, Athletic Massage is ideal for:

  • Reducing muscle soreness and fatigue

  • Shortening recovery time between training days or match days

  • Maintaining balance and alignment as your body changes and grows

How often you come in will depend on your intensity of activity and your sporting schedule. Generally, once every two weeks while ramping up workouts, at least 48 hours before match day, and within 24 hours after your event.


Athletic Massage is a perfect addition to your regular health and wellness plan, whether you’re a weekend warrior or competing on a national level. This type of bodywork is great for:

  • Increasing range of motion and mobility

  • Heading off injuries by keeping you limber and ahead of damage buildup

  • Reducing hypertension

For maintenance, how often treatments are needed varies greatly between athletes. I usually recommend starting out with once per month, and then gradually stretching out the amount of time between appointments. Some people need to come in more regularly, and others only once or twice a year to keep ahead of chronic injuries.


If you’ve already sustained an injury, Athletic Massage can help facilitate a faster recovery by:

  • Reducing swelling and inflammation, and encouraging lymph uptake

  • Safely and gently helping to regain range of motion

  • Resetting your nervous system to a calmer, more stable baseline

Treatment frequencies will vary by the severity and type of injury involved, but we’ll discuss that in full on your first appointment.