I offer an industry discount to all service industry employees,

and if you like the work I do I have a referral program that will reward us both.


One of my first jobs was as a host at a restaurant on Bainbridge Island, and I’ve worked in and around the industry ever since. I’m all too familiar with the general lifestyle: long hours, late nights, repetitive motions, and often way too much booze (...), as well as the aches, pains, and bodily damage this type of work inflicts. Because I’ve lived this life and understand the stresses it places on the body, I’m perfectly situated to help restaurant workers reduce pain, relieve tension and stress, and develop new movement patterns to keep you doing what you love.

The massage work I do with industry workers focuses upon the difficulties associated with your specific job. Bartenders tend to have tight forearms and shoulders, chefs often experience sore hands and upper backs, server’s wrists and ribs are frequently stressed, and everyone’s low back is sore and their feet are barking. I’ll work with you to address whatever challenges you’re facing, reduce stress, improve general wellness, and achieve a greater level of relaxation and calm.

Throughout the session we’ll also discuss the ways you move through your specific day-to-day shift. Many of the pains we experience come from poor patterns of motion that create difficulties or environments that aren’t well suited to our bodies. Perhaps you’re a chef who leans on her right foot anytime you chop; this is a simple and easy enough thing to do, but as time goes on this can throw your hips out of alignment, which can manifest in screaming sciatic pain or feet that refuse to relax. Maybe you aren’t balanced when you shake cocktails or always twist to your right when carrying a tray, or perhaps the counter you cut bread on is just too high for your body type. Whatever the issues, we’ll talk through your movement patterns and discuss your work environment with an eye to reducing existing pain and preventing future problems.