I’m dedicated to improving the quality of your day-to-day experiences and helping you move through life more freely and with less pain. My work involves a series of personalized assessments, restorative massage techniques, and preventative education. My goals are to reduce existing aches and pains, increase movement and mobility, and help you keep your body healthy in the future. The approach I take doesn’t provide a magic pill. To improve the body’s health after years of pain and mismanagement takes time, dedication and effort. It can be work, but hopefully it’s good work that will have an immediate impact upon your daily experience.


Restaurant workers

Education is very important to me, and in addition to the hands-on massage I provide I help teach and encourage new exercises and stretches that can really make a huge difference on your health.

One of my first jobs was as a host at a restaurant on Bainbridge Island, and I’ve worked in and around the industry ever since. I’m all too familiar with the general restaurant lifestyle: long hours, late nights, repetitive motions, and often way too much booze (...), as well as the aches, pains, and bodily damage this type of work inflicts. Because I’ve lived this life and understand the stresses it places on the body, I’m perfectly situated to help restaurant workers reduce pain, relieve tension and stress, and develop new movement patterns to keep you doing what you love.

The massage work I do with restaurant workers focuses upon the difficulties associated with your specific job. Bartenders tend to have tight forearms and shoulders, chefs often experience sore hands and upper backs, server’s wrists and ribs are frequently stressed, and everyone’s low back is sore and their feet are barking. I’ll work with you to address whatever challenges you’re facing, reduce stress, improve general wellness, and achieve a greater level of relaxation and calm.

Throughout the session we’ll also discuss the ways you move through your specific day-to-day shift. Many of the pains we experience come from poor patterns of motion that create difficulties or environments that aren’t well suited to our bodies. Perhaps you’re a chef who leans on her right foot anytime you chop; this is a simple and thoughtless enough thing to do, but as time goes on this can throw your hips out of alignment, which can manifest in screaming sciatic pain or feet that refuse to relax. Maybe you aren’t balanced when you shake cocktails or always twist to your right when carrying a tray, or perhaps the counter you cut bread on is just too high for your body type. Whatever the issues, we’ll talk through your movement patterns and discuss your work environment with an eye to reducing existing pain and preventing future problems.

No one who works in restaurants functions at 8AM (and rightly so!).I’ve designed my schedule to be as oriented toward restaurant workers as possible, with flexible hours available during the late morning and early afternoon. I also offer an industry discount to all restaurant employees, and if you like the work I do I have a referral program that will reward us both.


Weekend Warriors Unite!

It’s happened to us all—the run around Greenlake that wrecks your hamstrings; the screaming in your lower back after a hike up Rattlesnake; the pickup basketball game that leaves you wondering what the hell you were thinking ever walking onto a court. Whatever your sport, eventually your body sits you down, sighs deeply and sternly reminds you, Hey, dummy, even professional athletes get a break. You need to slow down and take better care of me! (If you’re anything like me, your body is also telling you that you’re getting older, and things don’t heal like they used to.)

The sports massage I offer provides a deep, focused, site-specific series of treatments to heal injured muscles and maintain flexibility. This is a fast-paced, results-oriented form of massage that will keep you enjoying your sporting activities, or help get you back in the game quickly. The process involves an assessment of your athletic routines and any related pains or stresses, followed by forming a treatment plan to address your specific needs. This type of massage can be part of your preventative upkeep so you remain healthy and strong during  the season, or it can be in response to existing injuries, acute or chronic. Whether we’re maintaining performance or treating a sports related injury, I’ll be focused on keeping you healthy and active, and will also provide some tips and tricks to help you avoid problems down the road.



I provide general Swedish style massage combined with deep myofascial release to help you relax. The focus here is on reducing stress and anxiety while restoring a sense of peace and calm across the body as a whole. We’ll focus on whatever’s bothering you that day, whether it’s a sore lower back, tight hamstrings, or a neck that feels like it’s been cast in cement.

I’ve noticed that many people equate a successful massage with suffering pain, as if a massage is only good if it hurts (and the more it hurts the better the massage). I don’t believe this to be the case, and some of the best work I’ve received hasn’t once caused me to wince. The focus of my Swedish massage practice is on helping you to let go of those places where you unconsciously hold onto stress. That doesn’t mean we won’t work out some deep knots and tight spaces along the way, but again—the focus here is on helping you find a place of total relaxation, free from the demands and anxieties of your life. When we’re done you’ll come out of the session feeling soothed and at ease, ready to move through your day with more peace and clarity.

*If you’re wondering if part of my Swedish massage services include my singing an acapella rendition of The Eagles classic, Take It Easy, remember that the point here is to relax. In other words, if you value your ears, don’t ask me to sing.


hands & feet and FEET & HANDS

If you’re the sort of person who works with her hands or stands on her feet endless hours every day, this optional add-on is the extra attention those sore extremities need.

Hand massages will increase range of motion in individual fingers, stretch and relieve flexors and extensors, decrease tender/trigger points in forearms, and help prevent or treat carpal tunnel syndrome, pronator syndrome, and tennis elbow. Foot massages will increase range of motion in the toes, arches and ankles, stretch and relieve calf muscles and achilles tendons, and prevent or treat plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and numbness and nerve pain in the feet.

This optional 30 minute add-on is available for any 60 or 90 minute massage session. I will focus on one or the other, hands or feet, as I can’t effectively treat both in one sitting.