Office Workers

The services I provide for office workers focus on some very obvious areas for some very obvious reasons — you spend countless hours sitting and staring at screens. 

I work a lot on the dreaded tech-neck, which causes pain, soreness and stiffness throughout the shoulders, neck and forearms, and also frequently leads to recurring headaches. I also see a lot of office workers who are experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome, and have pain (and sometimes numbness) throughout their fingers, wrists and forearms. 


While each of these are bad in themselves, what’s worse is that unlike that Excel sheet you worked on all week (or Ted from accounting), these aches and pains come home with you at the end of the day. There’s nothing more frustrating than finally having some free time to play with your kids or swing the old clubs, only to find that you’re limited—or even outright prohibited—because of pains incurred from work. 

Treatments I commonly employ for such problems involve positional release therapy on the cervicals (aka: your aching neck), as well as loosening the flexors and extensors along the hands and wrists. I also perform fascial work throughout the impacted regions to help decrease inflammation and release otherwise locked down areas. 

*** I’ve noticed that many office workers are highly motivated to take care of their bodies, and oftentimes employers provide access to gyms and other fitness facilities. Obviously both of these are great, but unfortunately I’ve also noticed that a lot of that zeal comes with a lack of knowledge and exposure to proper exercise form. If you’re ready to hit the gym and get in shape, that’s great, but it can be super productive to take a minute and talk about proper form and movement patterns before you get going. If you’d like to talk about your fitness goals and expectations, we can get you on a path to maximize your enjoyment and minimize injuries.