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My work involves a series of personalized assessments, restorative massage techniques, and preventative education. We’ll work together to reduce your existing pain, increase your movement and mobility, and keep your body healthy long into the future.


What do you do?

The bodywork arena is getting more and more crowded with fancy names and specialities. Click through to learn about the styles of bodywork I use, as well as some of the session types I offer.


Body Terms for Body Geeks

I use a variety of techniques to match the client and their current area of pain, so no two sessions will feel exactly the same. Common forms I favor are Myofascial Release, Sclerotome Release (a derivitive of Strain Counterstrain), Muscle Energy Techniques/Isometric Exercises, and Trigger/Tender Point Work. [Learn More]

Sports & Injury Massage

This is a deep, focused, site-specific series of treatments to heal injured muscles and maintain flexibility. This type of massage can be part of your preventative upkeep so you remain healthy and strong during the season, or it can be in response to existing activity-related injuries. [Learn More]

Management for Chronic Pain

Massage and bodywork help to reduce stress, relieve joint and muscle pain, and increase deep sleep, all imperative when you live with chronic pain. We'll work together to find the best way to reduce flare-ups, create a maintenance plan, and to support your quality of life. [Learn More]

Wellness & Relaxation Massage

My relaxation and wellness massage is a slow, deeply rejuvenating fascial unwinding. We’ll focus on whatever’s bothering you that day, whether it’s a sore lower back, tight hamstrings, or a neck that feels like it’s been cast in cement. [Learn More]

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

It happens to the best of us - pregnanancy. These sessions are designed to help you as your body adapts and changes through all (four) trimesters. [Learn More]

Hand & Foot Massage

If you work with your hands or stand on your feet for hours every day, this optional add-on is the extra attention those sore extremities need. [Learn More]

Chair Massage

This is a seated, fast but focused form of massage. Because of its portability, I often do these sessions at office places and gyms. [Learn More]

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Who do you do that to?

I work to help every client that walks through my door, but there are some more than others that gravitate towards my work.


Service Industry Workers

You know who you are. [Learn More]

Fitness/Sports Players

Personal trainers, yoga instructors, bodyworkers, climbers, runners, dancers, atheletes. [Learn More]

Office Workers

You've worked on your screen all day. Take a moment to give yourself the same love. [Learn More]

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employee benefit massage

Once-a-month, employer-subsidized bodywork for injury treatment and prevention.