hands & feet & feet & hands


Hands and fingers are often the bearer of bad news - reporting compression and restrictions farther up the chain. Constant work requiring hands palm down also causes muscles in the forearm to bind up and cement, causing decreased blood flow and grip strength while increasing injury and fatigue.

Hand Massage can increase range of motion in individual fingers, stretch and relieve flexors and extensors, decrease Tender/Trigger Points in forearms, and may help prevent or treat carpal tunnel syndrome, pronator syndrome, and tennis elbow.


Feet and toes keep your hips balanced, and play into all you do - running, walking, standing up from your chair. They’re often (aggressively) ignored in our day-to-day lives, but your feet should be flexible and mobile to offer full support. Do you suffer chronic ankle sprains? Knee pain? Quite often these symptoms can be a foot problem.

Foot Massages increase range of motion in the toes, arches and ankles, stretch and relieve calf muscles and achilles tendons, and may prevent or treat plantar fasciitis, shin splints, bunions, and numbness and nerve pain in the feet.

This optional add-on is available for any massage session (except for the 150 min sessions - take my word for it, no one needs to spend 3 hours straight with me). We’ll focus on one or the other, hands or feet, as I can’t effectively treat both in a half hour.

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