It’s happened to us all—the run around Greenlake that wrecks your hamstrings; the screaming in your lower back after a hike up Rattlesnake; the pickup basketball game that leaves you wondering what the hell you were thinking ever walking onto a court. Whatever your sport, eventually your body sits you down, sighs deeply and sternly reminds you, Hey, dummy, even professional athletes get a break. You need to slow down and take better care of me! (If you’re anything like me, your body is also telling you that you’re getting older, and things don’t heal like they used to.)

The sports massage I offer provides a deep, focused, site-specific series of treatments to heal injured muscles and maintain flexibility. This is an active, results-oriented form of massage that will keep you enjoying your sporting activities, or help get you back in the game quickly. The process involves an assessment of your athletic routines and any related pains or stresses, followed by forming a treatment plan to address your specific needs. This type of massage can be part of your preventative upkeep so you remain healthy and strong during  the season, or it can be in response to existing injuries, acute or chronic. Whether we’re maintaining performance or treating a sports related injury, I’ll be focused on keeping you healthy and active, and will also provide some tips and tricks to help you avoid problems down the road.